Technical support is provided by email

When you ask for technical support, please try to describe the situation in details. "It does not work" is not something we can work with. To assist you in solving your problem we need to get the following information from you:

  • information about our product that you are talking about. Please specify the name of the product, it's version, edition
  • information about your environment. Please include the name and version of the operating system, internet firewall/antivirus software or other tools (that our product is used with)
  • steps to reproduce the problem. This can include small test project, screenshots (please don't send unpacked BMP and DOC files with images) test data files etc.
By providing us with these details, we will be better equipped to assist you in resolving your technical issue.
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FTP Client

Explore FTP Commander Deluxe by InternetSoft. This FTP software empowers you to handle crucial files while moving them between various locations. Designed to accommodate both beginners and seasoned administrators, FTP Commander Deluxe is your gateway to effortless and secure file sharing.
FTP Commander Deluxe serves as an introductory FTP client that eases your basic FTP needs. For advanced, secure, and well-managed file transfers, choose FTP Commander Deluxe. Utilizing our powerful managed file transfer solutions via InternetSoft FTP, you can efficiently manage both on-site and cloud-based file transfer requirements.
InternetSoft FTP allows your enterprise to handle secure file transfers among global offices, clients, and collaborators by utilizing industry-standard protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, and SFTP. This ensures the adaptability needed to satisfy the unique needs of vendors, business associates, and clients, while also simplifying secure web-based file sharing.
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