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Email Client Terms
bulk-mail.htm bulk email Fast and lean program - let's you process vast amounts of correspondence.
send-mail.htm send email Send, resend, forward and receive mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4)
smtp-authentication.htm smtp authentication SMTP authentification - check that recipients' e-mail addresses exist before sending out messages
secure-mail.htm secure mail Secure Socket Layer (ssl/tls) - program supports secure connections (can check gmail.com and other accounts)
multi-tasking.htm multi tasking Multi-tasking: Compose, receive and send mail simultaneously. By checking and sending mail as a background operation, our program  lets you work in other applications while your email is transferring.
transfer-message.htm transfer message User-friendly interface with extensive message selection capabilities - delete, copy, or transfer messages by simply dragging the mouse over them.
imap.htm imap IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol allows you to access email stored on a remote server. 
mime-protocol.htm mime protocol Supports file attachments. Full support for the Internet MIME protocol.
multiple-email-accounts.htm multiple email accounts Supports many smtp / pop3 accounts. Check several or all POP3 e-mail accounts at once.
many-email-accounts.htm many email accounts Can store information on many e-mail accounts.  You can create various names from which you send and receive email with the Mail Profile settings. For example, you might use one personality (email address name) for friends and family and another personality for business correspondence.
plain-text-message.htm plain text message Receive and read plain text and graphic html messages.
html-message.htm html message Send multi-part HTML messages with embedded images or combined text and HTML messages using built-in WYSIWYG HTML message editor.
message-headers.htm message headers Antispam message headers analyzer.
message-encoding.htm message encoding Message encoding. Selecting message charset. Sending and receiving emails in national coding/charsets (windows-1251, koi-8r, etc..), UTF-8 support. Decode and encode messages with various charsets.
download-email-headers.htm download email headers Download only e-mail headers (Subject and From fields, etc) - plus options to re-download or delete selected messages from the server.
redownload-email.htm redownload email Redownload selected messages
delete-mail-from-server.htm delete mail from server Delete selected messages from server
limit-message-size.htm limit message size Skip messages over some message size
message-queueing.htm message queueing Message Queueing & Scheduling
sort-emails.htm sort emails Message sorting by date, subject, address or other fields. Sort your mail by date, size, sender, subject, colour or thread, in ascending or descending order 
filtering.htm filtering Automatic filtering of incoming messages based on preset criteria and their placement in individual mailboxes. 
message-status.htm message status Change message statuses, color, read/unread status, priority and other advanced options. Color Labeling: Assign colors to sort your mail either manually or automatically using filters.
image-blocking.htm image blocking Image blocking. Possibility to disable remote images, scripts or other nasties. Just a good range of tables, images and the other formatting you need for real mail. It protects you from even the worst HTML-borne virus and trojans, and protects your privacy by intercepting web bugs.
virus-protection.htm virus protection Virus Protection: Program doesn't allow anything to run from your mail unless you want it to, stopping viruses and trojan horses cold.
grouped-view.htm grouped view Grouped views allow you poweful extended views of the mail in your folders, including presenting message threads.
localization.htm localization Language localization options
portable-mail.htm portable mail Portable application that do not require any kind of installation onto a computer and you can run program from removable storage device such as a USB flash drive.
portable-version.htm portable version Portable version. Set relative custom folders for attachments, addressbook, templates and email databases. 
email-synchronisation-replication.htm email synchronisation replication Database synchronisation (or synchronization) and replication
email-templates.htm email templates Addressbook, templates, messages:  - very simple txt file format
addresbook.htm addresbook Large addressbook support
multiple-address-books.htm multiple address books Set-up multiple address books (as many as you want) with lots of additional fields. Supports unlimited number of address books  stored in separate files
remove-duplicates.htm remove duplicates Remove duplicates
verify-maillist-email-addresses.htm verify maillist email addresses Verify maillist email addresses
crm.htm crm Additional CRM fields: Order information, price, product id, comments, etc.. The address book has over 60 fields you can use to collect and store information. 
identify-birthdays.htm identify birthdays Identify people who have their birthdays on a given date
email-address-search.htm email address search Advanced address search in addressbook. (searching blocked emails, etc..)
deletion-list.htm deletion list Deletion list database of users whose letters should not be sent under any circumstances, even if they subscribe to your news. 
import-addressbook.htm import addressbook Easily import address books from CSV (MS Excel), DBF database, and text delimited (comma or tab separated) files.
export-addressbook.htm export addressbook Easily export address books to MS Excel, DBF database, and text delimited (comma or tab separated) files.
message-templates.htm message templates Message templates. Unlimited number of topics. Great for tech.support department.
custom-templates.htm custom templates Can use custom templates for new, reply, forward, confirmation messages. Message templates can be individual for any account.
auto-reply-templates.htm auto reply templates Use templates for auto-reply
custom-signatures.htm custom signatures Custom signatures for different mail profiles. 
signature.htm signature Advanced signature panel in message editor.
html-editor.htm html editor WYSIWYG html message editor. Powerful message editor with full formatting capabilities.
multi-part-html-message.htm multi part html message Send mail in HTML format: multi-part html messages with embedded images
search-email.htm search email Search and view orders, requests, additional information about email address 
spell-checking.htm spell checking In-line spell checking: Software highlights the misspelled words in your message. You can review, override and add words to your dictionary. Spelling checker, with different dictionaries (UK English, US English, etc,) and user dictionary additions. 
name-address-completion.htm name address completion Automatic Name and email address completion: Program automatically completes the recipient name you are typing using information.
contextual-filing.htm contextual filing Contextual Filing advanced matching: Select a word (or words) within a message 
insert-templates.htm insert templates Easily select and insert signature and templates
interface-customization.htm interface customization Interface customization
attachment-manipulations.htm attachment manipulations Attachment manipulations. Select, run, open, view, copy attachments.
return-receipt.htm return receipt Return Receipt option. Supports confirmation of reading and confirmation of delivery requests 
distribution-list.htm distribution list Distribution lists allow easy management of large mailing databases. Support mailing lists for your clients and subscribers.
email-merge.htm email merge Personalized messages & email merge. Create a personalized letter for each subscriber
mailing-list.htm mailing list Unlimited mailing list projects. Save, reuse old maillist projects.
list-filtering.htm list filtering Advanced Mailing list filtering, deleting duplicates, word and character replacement, creating lists from different types of text files
delete-duplicates.htm delete duplicates Advanced Mailing list filtering, deleting duplicates, word and character replacement, creating lists from different types of text files
multiple-connections.htm multiple connections Multi threading and Multiple Connections for bulk email sending via ISP. Multitasking maillist sending mode. (Sending many messages at once via different ISP)  To support simultaneous mail sending create several mail profiles.
maillist-scheduler.htm maillist scheduler Maillist Scheduler
split-mailing-list.htm split mailing list Split mailing list and per hour limit option. For example, if your ISP limits the maximum emails per hour or you do not want overload your server. Send mail in batches with a delay between each batch. Set number of retries.
manage-returned-mail.htm manage returned mail Manage returned mail, automatically stop sending to unavailable emails and delete addresses from maillist.
resume-sending.htm resume sending Resume sending. Advanced log file. 
double-opt-in-subscribe-requests.htm double opt in subscribe requests Automatically process double opt-in subscribe requests
custom-fileds-subscription-form.htm custom fileds subscription form Add custom fileds (first name, company, etc) using subscription form
unsubscribe-requests.htm unsubscribe requests Process unsubscribe requests
blacklists-deletions.htm blacklists deletions Add records to blacklist (deletions) database
auto-reply.htm auto reply Auto reply based on the criteria set by you
auto-forward.htm auto forward Automatic forward email using the criteria set by you
notification-lists.htm notification lists Notification Lists
invitations-reminders.htm invitations reminders Send invitations, auto-reminders & notifications, process surveys. Reminder emails can be sent manually, automatically skipping over any users who have already completed the order or survey. 
event-notification.htm event notification Event notification advanced scheduler. Automatically notify customers about new products, releases, special offers, etc..  Track a number of critical dates for each event and contact. Very powerful CRM tool in any marketing and communications arsenal. 
event-tracker.htm event tracker Event Tracker provides a marketing tool to track important business contacts and to send notifications. For example, send special offer or sales letter x-days after a person completes the contact form.  An event may be an email, subscribe request or completed software download from your website.  All contact events can be associated with date field in addressbook. 
addresbook-query.htm addresbook query Use advanced addressbook query (by dates, product id, subjects, etc..)  There have been a lot of marketing studies about the best times to send emails depending on your audience. Well, with our new email notification/invite tool you can pre-schedule an invitation to be sent — and also define a series of auto-reminders to be sent out x-days after a person completes the subscribe/contact form or receives the first invite. 
track-invitations.htm track invitations Track invitations & surveys. Email invitations looks just like your other email communications. The program treats each person as an individual subscriber — so they’ll get auto-reminders x-days out from the time they first got their personal invitation. Also, the program will automatically stops sending reminders after the person completes unsubscribe form or survey
db-maker-technology.htm db maker technology DB Maker Technology. Create databases utilizing email messages or other files
extract-data-from-mail.htm extract data from mail Automatically process email containing the data of potential clients. DB Maker helps you create a database that contains all the necessary data about your partners and customers. Most of you won’t have problems involving the time-consuming transfer of necessary information from messages
mailing-list-creating-wizard.htm mailing list creating wizard Mailing List Creating Wizard
opt-in.htm opt in Opt-In Wizard -  Easily create subscribe rule
opt-out.htm opt out Opt-Out Wizard  -  Easily create unsubscribe rule
filter-rules.htm filter rules Message filtering based on key words. Extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming mail and requests.  Unlimited number of filter rules
auto-replies.htm auto replies Set up auto-replies to incoming mail using pre-set templates
newsletter-subscriptions.htm newsletter subscriptions Set up the program to automatically process newsletter subscriptions and requests to be removed from your mailing lists. Advanced filtering and processing capabilities (Add to addressbook, Delete from addressbook)
filter-attachments.htm filter attachments Filter attachments by file extension
transfer-filtered-attachment-to-a-selected-folder.htm Transfer filtered attachment to a selected folder Transfer filtered attachment to a selected folder. As an example, you can automatically transfer some documents and files to be processed by other programs
search-messages.htm search messages Message searches based on key words. Fast, Powerful Search: Search through thousands of messages in seconds, using multiple search criteria
blacklist-emails.htm blacklist emails Blacklist emails by message content
anti-spam-filter.htm anti spam filter Additional anti-spam filtering functions.. Junk filtering local and server side. 
delete-mail-on-the-server.htm delete mail on the server Delete messages on the server before they are downloaded to your local computer (a big time saver).
import-messages.htm import messages Import messages from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat!, FastTrackMail, Mail Commander
compact-mailboxes.htm compact mailboxes Compact Mailboxes
mailbox-recovery.htm mailbox recovery Mailbox Recovery
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