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  • arrowTranslation and localization

    The latest version of FTP Commander Pro has already been translated into 16 languages (Spanish, Taiwanese, Turkish, Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Slovakian). Mail Commander & NetMail have been translated into Spanish, Taiwanese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Slovakian, Italian, Polish and Russian. Website Extractor is available in Dutch, French, German, Polish and Portuguese.  If your language is not on this list and you have the time to help us localize the program or describe it - please contact us.  In return, as a sign of gratitude, we will send you a courtesy version of our software. 

    If you can help us to provide support in your native language, please drop us a line, and you'll get a free registration! Just please contact us prior to starting the translation, and you'll receive instructions on how to do this.

    Program localization

    New versions of FTP Commander, FTP Navigator, Mail Commander, NetMail, Website Extractor have localization files.
    If you would like to help with translating program in your language or updating an existing translation, please contact us. 

    1. Download localization program from http://www.internet-soft.com/DEMO/language.zip
    2. Unzip file language.zip
    3. Copy file language.exe into program's folder (Mail Commander, Website Extractor, FTP Commander or FTP Navigator Folder)
      (download the latest versions from our website)
    4. Run program and check option " Use localization " in Preferences menu. (select page Fonts,Virus Scanner)
    5. All program captions can be stored in yourlanguagename.lan (or lng) file
    6. Copy file language.lan (with english captions) into yourlanguagename.lan
    7. Run program language.exe and edit the file yourlanguagename.lan
    8. Please send us translated file ( yourlanguagename.lng) when you complete it.

    We will give you a registered copy of a program free of charge.

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