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    July 16, 2000

    Internetsoft is spinning out a powerful new cyberbusiness tool: personalized information flows. Is e-mail the real driving force behind e-commerce? Read on to find out why personalized information flows are the formula for success in today's global e-commerce.

    In terms of its sheer influence on the world economy, the Internet can be compared only to the industrial revolution.The ubiquitous dissemination of e-mail is embodied in the concept of "mass personalized information flows".

    What is the essence of e-commerce?The conquest ofcyber business space entails the following steps:

    1. Finding the right domain name. Nowadays it is extremely important to find a website name that is short and to the point.A good way to seek out the right domain name is by using the Domain Questor program.( http://internet-soft.com ).
    2. Developing a top-notch website that delivers leading web design technology and quality information updated on a regular basis.Given the multiplicity of servers, gone are the days when a simple website can attract any significant public attention.
    3. Creating an e-mail system to notify clients, on a regular basis, of any changes in effect.
    4. Restructuring traditional relationships with business partners using advanced network technologies.The Internet makes it possible to meet the individual needs and demands of individual consumers.Creating an e-mail processing system.
    5. Setting up a digital data processing system that can provide a universal database readily accessible both to in-house (companywide) users and global (online) consumers.
    6. Working out new schemes to fully assist businesses in utilizing the new opportunies afforded by the Internet.Seeking out new business solutions and rapid implementation both for clients and business partners.
    7. Establishing safe online payment options.
    What is the best way to galvanize your e-business? By setting up a powerful website attractive to the public at large.Right. Or you might also try developing reliable ways and means to execute safe transactions online. Right again.There is another high-tech option, however, which might come as a surprise to many. It has to do with e-mail technology.

    We're talking about the same e-mail that was widely used before the advent of the World Wide Web, multimedia applications, MP3, etc. Obviously, the new e-mail generation will rise to new heights by incorporating all the positive features of its earlier prototypes.But what really sets the new generation of e-mail technology apart from its predecessors is the use of an automated system designed to create and distribute e-mail messages.

    Internetsoft's customized e-mail software is the critical factor that can make or break your online business venture. It allows you to communicate and make quick replies to all customers and potential clients.

    Internetsoft's direct online marketing research has show that banners and active buttons on Internet websites are insufficient means for generating customer responses.Personalized e-mail messages, however, have been shown to be the optimal approach to marketing online products.E-mail messaging can significantly outperform traditional banner advertising strategies.

    Since the symptoms and methods for treating downturns in e-commerce are now fully understood, why should there be a problem in the first place? There is a simple reason. The average cost of developing, creating and sending one personalized e-mail letter manually is well over $4. This makes it necessary to automate the process.Message filtering is the first thing that needs to be automated.Next, personalized messages designed under specific templates should also be sent out on an automatic basis. With these purposes in mind, Internetsoft developedtwo e-mail systems in 1997, Netmail and MailList Express.NetMail scans e-mail texts, then filters and processes them according to key words.After a letter is identified NetMail selects whether to answer using one of various standardized replies entered in the database, or to forward the letter for processing by someone in another department.Thus, NetMail is designed as a distribution support tool.

    In July 2000 Internetsoft released the new 3.10 version of its popular MailList Express program (former version name NetMail Merge). This program allows users to write personalized letters using message templates. Thus, if you have a client database you can create a single letter template and send personalized messages to a whole list of customers.In this way all addressees will receive letters intended for them only.After a distribution list has been made up you can go back to it at a later time.The program is foolproof and easy to use.

    The program can also be used to perform a number of other tasks.NetMail can manage multiple smtp mail accounts.The new version offers powerful and convenient distribution list filtering options as well as preliminary verification capabilities designed to filter out invalid or non-current addresses. Thus, if you have a list of deleted addresses or other field values to be entered, such as company names, all you have to do is press the filter key and these addressees will be removed from the mailing list.

    The program contains a built-in algorithm to check whether addresses are correct and current.The program runs on the same basis as the smtp-server.It connect with the server to check whether or not any given address on the sever exists. Invalid e-mails can be deleted from the mail list.By deleting invalid addresses from your mailing list you are reducing network traffic and the channel load of your ISP, while also facilitating current and future distributions.

    MailList Express is supplied on a shareware basis, which means that you are free to download and test out the program before registering it.

    To test it now go to http://www.internet-soft.com.

    This new software will help your company cut its costs dramatically. The sooner your business is equipped with these new high-tech tools, the sooner you will start to see greatly enhanced performance when it comes to servicing all in-house andonline consumer requests.This is Internetsoft's formula for success in the ongoing struggle to expand customer bases and sharpen your company's competitive edge.The bottom line, though, is this: your company can either choose to take up the challenge and arm itself with state-of-the-art Internet technology today, or lag behind and risk being sidelined in the intensely competitive world of e-commerce tomorrow.

    The registration fee is USD 29.95. A free version is available for editors.

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