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    Urgent Backup – It’s time to make a backup!
    Or should you think about backing up only after losing data?

    As you know, now that we have been using personal computers for some time, the value of the information maintained on a hard disk is becoming higher than the cost of the system. This fact is important for business people that work with important documents and reports on their computers, as well as for students doing homework or writing term papers; for journalists writing articles, authors composing their literary works, or programmers developing software. Even for the average user, who does not keep commercially valuable documents and projects on the computer, the value of domestic records – photographs, videos, children’s drawings – is extremely important. It is unlikely any user would be happy if he suddenly lost all the data on his hard drive.

    Are computer catastrophes a significant risk?

    The risk is always there. A failure of the operating system, a sudden drop of electricity, destructive activity by computer viruses, deletion or corruption of materials as a result of unsanctioned access to your system. There is also a large number of dangers unconnected to the operation of the equipment and software. Your files might be accidentally deleted by a child interested in running his fingers along the keyboard, while a blown battery can wash the computer with water and cause the system to become worthless. There is a large number of potential dangers, and all these in one second could reduce many days of work to nothing.

    Urgent backup to protect your information

    So how can you safeguard electronic materials that you keep on your hard drive from various types of unexpected misfortunes? One of the best and most effective solutions is a backup copying and data recovery program. Of the wide array of similar products Urgent Backup for Windows is distinguished by its security.

    Urgent Backup includes the functions of backup copying of the information on selected drive. To save your data, you can opt for hard disk, DVD, USB Flash drive, USB devices, a remote FTP-server,  or a network drive that you find convenient to work with.

    The program can copy files "As Mirror" and can compress them into an archive to reduce the space occupied by the backup copies. The compression algorithm used by Urgent Backup is completely compatible with gzip, which guarantees the ability to restore files from the archives.

    How often do users, when they do a manual backup, encounter the problem of having too many redundant versions! Say one copy was made the first day of the previous month, another one the second month, a third in the fifth month, and so on. It is not hard to keep them sorted when the number of copies is small, but what if there are more than ten or twenty? How can you not get mixed up in the pile of files? Sometims files needed for restoration just get lost in the heap of backup copies. The creators of Urgent Backup have studied this problem.

    You can set up Urgent Backup so that the program independently follows an determined schedule to perform backup copying and automatically assign names to the archives, thus making it possible to determine precisely when and why a copy was made.

    The functionality of the product

    Urgent Backup is an excellent example of a full-featured software product that is very easy to set up and extremely easy to use. You do not have to have any special knowledge or particular skills, you just need to install Urgent Backup, set up the time schedule for copying the information from your hard disk, and indicate which media you are using for storing the backup copy. And that’s it! From that point on, you won’t have to be afraid of a computer crash or any other kind of problem. In the event of data loss you will not have any difficulty restoring the lost information, and this can save not only time, but a great deal of money as well!

    The software can be used to synchronize data between your work and home computers or between computers located in different offices. You always are able to continue any project you are working on remotely from your primary work site.

    Secure and effective protection

    The wealth of possibilities of Urgent Backup, the convenience of quick setup, the ease of operation and maximum security are what distinguish this program from many similar products. When you choose Urgent Backup for backup copying and data restoration, you can be at ease about the storage of the information on your hard disk.

    The more often you make a backup copy of your necessary data, the more likely that it will not be lost as a result of some sort of local catastrophe and it will not end up being lost forever in the event of a hard disk crash. With Urgent Backup you can make backup copies as often as you wish, without having to spend a lot of time and energy. Urgent Backup guarantees the preservation of your information and your peace of mind.

    Free version

    Free version is available for IT review publishers. We will provide a free registration code and additional information on our company and products.

    The program can be downloaded from:  https://www.internet-soft.com/download.htm

    The registration fee is USD 49,95

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    Every year our software programs are installed by millions of Internet users. InternetSoft Corporation provides a number of software products for both commercial and non-commercial users.  InternetSoft products provide solutions in the areas of Internet technologies, communications, data encryption and secure file transfer. Email clients, newsreaders, offline browsers and backup managers are among the company’s other offerings. The company’s operating principles are to focus upon market analysis to continually adjust to market demand for new telecommunications technologies, and to emphasize usability in all product designs. InternetSoft Corporation is open to cooperative relationships with regional Internet service providers, web hosting companies, communications companies and distributors. A unique interface localization system provides easy adaptation of InternetSoft Corporation products for worldwide distribution.  InternetSoft will be glad to provide state-of-the-art technological solutions for your clients with special terms, including specially created free versions. Our company is open to new marketing models that would complement our businesses and be mutually advantageous

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