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  • FTP Commander Deluxe

  • Keep the FTP connection when the program is idle. Servers tend to break off the connection automatically when you stop using it for any length of time (often minutes). ftp client counteracts this by sending out regular retention prompts to keep you connected 
    arrowAbout InternetSoft Corporation

    InternetSoft Corporation provides a number of software products for both commercial and non-commercial users. Our products provide solutions in the areas of Internet technologies, communications, data encryption and secure file transfer. FTP and email clients, maillist managers, newsreaders, offline browsers and backup managers are among the company’s other offerings.

    InternetSoft is open to cooperative relationships with regional Internet service providers, web hosting companies, communications companies and distributors. A unique interface localization system provides easy adaptation of InternetSoft Corporation products for worldwide distribution.

    The company team is made up of highly skilled Mathematics, systems analysts and programmers who, having worked in a wide variety of financial institutions, have an unsurpassed depth of knowledge of the economy and its procedures.

    The company’s operating principles are to focus upon market analysis to continually adjust to market demand for new telecommunications technologies, and to emphasize usability in all product designs.

    InternetSoft Corporation is rapidly becoming a leader in the development and marketing of top Internet related software.

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    Mountain View: +1 (650) 492-5523

    InternetSoft Corporation

    New product information is available at http://www.internet-soft.com

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