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  • FTP Commander Deluxe

  • FTP client provides safe authorization, integrity and privacy of data transfer using SSH protocols.
    arrowUser opinions
    • Joe, rooperi( at ) _yahoo.com "This is so cool!" Very easy, I used smart ftp which is a good programme, but on my new PC I uploaded this in a few minutes, and it worked perfectly from the beginning.
    • Tyrael[RW] "Very easy to use" I downloaded this one and in less than a minute i had it running and was on the FTP i needed. In the next minute I uninstalled WS_FTP.
    • John D "Super Easy to Use" For even a beginner like me this was easy and fast to install and configure. Within 15 minutesI was uploading files to my new site. Thanks for making it free with no banner ads!
    • Holger Schmidt, skysoft ( at ) _goldmail.de "Very easy!" FTP Commander is indeed very easy and simple to use. Easy installation, Easy handling,and fast in getting things done. Good, if more is not wanted. MFG. Holgi
    • Yahgo "Worked Better than Cute FTP" Tried Cute FTPand it would not connect to my FTP Server, tried 5-6 times, got up set and tried FTP Commander and it worked on the First Try!!! I Love It and it's FREE!!!!
    • Matthew, matthew ( at )_ prayer4all.net "Easy to use, does the job well." I was able to learn to use this FTP Transfer program operation in 5 minutes. I use itto upload and download to the Homestead FTP server and it has worked perfect.The files I upload are over 1MB in size and I have had NO transfer errors to date. It gets the job DONE!
    • Onye, admin ( at )_ freeukweb.co.uk "The best FTP programme for everyone" This is easily the best FTP programme I've seen and used amongst all of them (freeware,shareware and full products). This is one of the very few that uploadsand downloads diretories as well as files of any size. The next best I have used is CuteFTP.
    • Anonymous "Very Good" I was using Cute ftp, but it was just a trial. This program has everything cute had. Works just as well and easier to run. I can't believe it is free.
    • Philengland,philengland ( at )_ btconnect.com "Good software" I was usig WS-FTP but find this easier and clearer to use. Well worth downloading
    • Chris, chrissutch ( at )_hotmail.com "Excellent free ftp program" this is an excellent ftp progam and the added bonus is it is free I cant recommend this enough and anyone who says they are having problems with it cant install stuff properly .My version runs fine on windows ME. Also take note cute ftp your crown has been taken and the competetion supplies there product for nothing.
    • Conrado, csanchez 77 ( at ) starmedia.com "This is good!" This is good.It's free and it's easy to use
    • Anonymous "Great Tool, Easy to Use, No Disconnects" I have used Cute FTP and WS FTP and this Free Download is the best. Great FTP tool. Thanks
    • Iam beginner "Supper!!!" Very easy to use.
    • No Need To Argue "Easiest FTP Ever!" This is the easiest FTP I Have ever used! Best of all its a good product and free!
    • Chris "Quick and easy!! And hey, it's free!!!" This has a great GUI and it's plain out simple to use. Kudos!!
    • Roel "Simple FTP Tool" This small program can do anything you expect from a FTP client. Nothing more, nothing less.
    • Very well organization of folders and files. Easy to import or export new files. I installed it and then quickly was at work uploading to my website. I recommend this FTP. It's free. Even better!
    • "Very Very easy to use!" FTP Commander is very easy to use. Before I downloaded it, I was using AOL'S. (YUCK).AOL's only allows you to send 1 file at a time. FTP Commander lets you send unlimited files at one time! See how much better FTP Commander is than other servases. I use it on my site!
    • Kevin MailList express is quite possibly the best email program out there. I have honestly spent $700 on emailing software and not one of them worked. I just happened to stumble on MailList Express and I gave it a try. To put it simply, it worked! It just plain and simply works. I have put in more time trying to find a good mass emailer to put out my newsletter than doing anything else on my computer. And at the $29.00 price who could go wrong?! You guys truly have a great program and products and they are so easy to use. Thank you very much for making this software, it has made my life so much easier. I have told many people about it and they are enjoying it as well! Keep up the good work!
    • John Moran, johnmora( at )_sp.tafe.sa.edu.au "Nice and Simple Great for those who just want to put thier page up!" Right-click functions fine and isvery simple and not flashy or full of crappy wizzards. It does what it'ssupposed to do Log into a FTP server and tranfere files. My network hereis heavely firewalled but it connected fine to standard ftp servers
    • Funchy,funchy_crunchy( at )_yahoo.com "Wow! works better than some commercial or shareware FTP's" I've tried maybe 10 FTP programs, but this is the first one that worked immediately withmy web space on my ISP. Other ones required tweaking or reading of countless help pages. I give it a A+!
    • VK "Easyto use!" Overall, thisis one of the best I have used, especially in the freeware, shareware realm.I didn't know anything about FTP when I first used this and this was the first program that simplified things a little - no instructions needed...it's easy to figure out what's what. I found others like Cute FTP, to be a bit more misleading... they didn't make sense for a person with no experience. FTP Commander usually load extremely fast.
    • janice142 "Simple to understand and easy to use" This is the first program for ftp that I understood -- it works great. I used the 4.05 versionon laptops running Win98 and WinMe, and just upgraded to the 5.15 on WinMe. The interface is simple -- anyone who uses Explorer will have no difficulties. It's not complicated.... A+
    • Anonymous "Well, easy to handle for freeware use e.g. at school" Though features are not as well as more proffesional programes features, but as I just meantioned this software is an easy-to-handle one for non-license terms of use. Also positive is the small file size.
    • Sam Hughes, sam( at )_hughes.sh "A simple utility that works" This is a very simple and convenient FTP utility. Uploading and downloading is a cinch.The best free one (and better than many shareware ones) on Download.com.The three comments on how it wrecked the computer were from the same person,and he was probably the only who had that problem. (People who are disgruntledare more likely to submit his opinion (complain) than people who are pleased.) My computer has never crashed while using it. I know you will be pleased with this product.
    • Michelle "Easy to use. " Since WS_FTP & Coffee Cup no longer are freebies, this neat little program does the job just as good.
    • Tim_mac "Excellent for ease of use" I have implemented an ftp server that senior citizens with minimal computer saavy use. This ftp client makes it very easy for them to transfer files and photos withtheir limited computer knowledge.
    • Anonymous "A doddle!" Clear and simple. Only irritation is the hourglass doesn't return to a pointer - until you work on something else and go back to it.
    • FrankIn NY "Five Stars!!!" I've tried others and they can't even come close. For a beginner like me it was so easy to understand and use, and best of all it's FREE!!!
    • Anonymous "This product Rocks" This program is a very easy to use program. It requires little thought and is the easiest ftp client I have ever found.
    • Anonymous A very easy to use program that allows your to queue multiple file uploads. This is great for uploading webpages.
    • Anonymous "Great!!!!!!!!" Quick download,the features you need.
    • Anonymous Easy and all-you-need. So far the best I have seen and easy to use. What do you want more?
    • Anonymous Easy to use FTP
    • JerryBrower, edutech( at )_edutechlabs.co "Thanks for a GREAT product!" We have been looking for a good ftp program... FTP Commander is it!
    • Anonymous "Small, no-nonsense, FTP client" This is all youneed. Small, no-nonsense, FTP client
    • Anonymous "Excellent and Easy!" Forget the others this is the best!
    • Anonymous "Great Program" Perfect.
    • DiscoBoy "Does the job...." This free ftp program is great if you just wish to get something up on the web..
    • Matt "Easier to use than Cute FTP. Not many options but this is so easy to use its just great." Lovely ftp client.Why pay when you've got this great program for free.
    • John Kuiper, "The best!"
    • Anonymous "It works. It's easier than ws_ftp" Brain dead simple.
    • marc,marc( at )_gamespotmail.com "very good programm" very good programm
    • Anonymous "Essential, honest, clean" what i miss is a view-file from remote, like fetch, but is a good simple piece of art thanks. Darma
    • Anonymous "Super" zupeer
    • Anonymous "Pretty Good" It has about as much use as a program like WS FTP, but this is free.
    • MariusErnst "Everything you need!" Just what an ftp program has to be: Small size, and everything you need
    • galen "Very nice and easy to use"
    • PedroReis, pirinha_reis( at )hotmail.com A really amazing program! and absolutly free! with many ftp sites included. not to miss!
    • Anonymous "Simple--Easy--All you need."
    • lilli "Easyto use, quick and fairly fool-proof"
    • Anonymous " testedwell in both NT &amp W2K"
    • ftpMan "ExcellentFTP"
    • K "Anincredibly simple and easy to use program! I wouldn't use anything else."
    • sunil,btqss( at )worlwide.cm "good"
    • Hermes,hermes( at )_ft2.net "Most powerful util you ever need"
    • Anonymous "Great piece of software"
    • P.Madhavi, madhavisarma( at )usa.net "Good Software"
    • Anonymous "QUITEEASY TO USE"
    • rmajak( at )wp.pl It is great
    • Anonymous "Awesome!"
    • Anonymous "I've been using your FTP program for a couple of years now and I love it!"
    • Dhon,digantaborgohain( at )_yahoo.com "Greeeeaaaaaaaaaate Utility" This is the best utility I found to download entire website and other websites linked through the first one. You can configure till what level of link you want to download.I tried WebCopier, WebSnatcher (shareware), WebReaper, Advanced Web Downloader and more. But this was clear winner. User interface is OK but little wierd.But hey, this is free. Many many thanks to the developer for this extremely helpful tool. Please take little time to understand it. You need to finetune it for good results. I think you need more than 10 minutes for thisutility to work. But once you get it working just go and do other workand by the time you come back everything is already downloaded for you.
    • Casperde Groot, C( at )_sperdeGroot.com "Simple and effective! and free!!" I tried someshareware tools first since i thougt that those would be better than thefreeware tools, but i was wrong! this tool is easier to use, (though nothingspecial to look at) and twise as fast and effective than all of those other tools! and the best part: it is free and unrestricted! lovin' it!
    • Anonymous "Great software. Thanks!" Configurable and speedy, this app's great. How about being able to drag or delete a node from the copying screen to block its transfer. Thanks.
    • Anonymous "Read the Help File" If you want touse a program this powerful, you can't expect to jump right in. Study the documentation.
    • Anonymous "Works great!" Was able to downloada site of a server for a customer without needing the password, etc. whichwas unavailable!
    • Jason,wood_elves( at )_yahoo.com "Great Program, if you're a mass downloader." I found thisprogram to be very good if you accessing a slow server and the downloadspeed is very good.
    • Anonymous "Cool !!!!" Easy to use,quick and fairly fool-proof.
    • Anonymous "A simple utility that works" Overall, thisis one of the best I have used.
    • Anonymous "The BEST!!!!!" This the best!This a MUST! Save a lot of time!
    • som,sm( at )som.cm "Good to use" I am downloading it.
    • Pedro "Works great!" Very easy to use!
    • Raiser,raiser( at )home.ro " The best " Downloading -from one site/or many -update from site -recursive search -faster.
    • Bill,schaedler99( at )_yahoo.com "Must have!" This is the fourth app of this type I have tried and by far the easiest. Excellent program!
    • Evan,evan_chua( at )_hotmail.com "Amazing freeware!" I've long beensearching for a free site downloader capable of mass downloading.
    • David "Very easy to use" Thanks for a terrific freeware!
    • Mike "Great Program" Thanks!
    • Anonymous "Cool way to steal ideas"
    • Anonymous "More than I expected !"
    • Anonymous "Very good. I'm impress"
    • Anonymous "Most Successful"
    • MilkoGeorgiev, milko( at )noxis.net "Does what I want"
    • Florentino Villaro, Great site, Thank you for providing FTP Commander for FREE
    • This is a great page. You certainly have valuable stuff to offer. I'll try your NetMail stuff.
    • Matthew Struthers, Very well set out. Easy to read and understand. I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Thank you for FTP Commander.
    • Bob Taylor,   I just downloaded your program "FTP Commander" from the site at Shareware.com. Terrific!!! It has cut my upload time by more that half over the AOL upload feature. Thanks for a terrific FREEWARE (I can't believe it!) program. and, Sincerely, Bob Taylor
    • Pierre Dembri, Sweden, I just wanted to drop a line or few about your FTP Commander. Its great.
    • Tonu Viik , Tartu Observatory Dear Sirs, I downloaded your package of FTP-Commander and played with it a little bit. It seems to be a real good thing - you most certainly know how to write good codes. Tonu Viik
    • David. I have downloaded your ftp commander. It is very good Thank you
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