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    arrowInfo Domain Questor

    As of October 1, 2001 Internet users have the opportunity to register a new top-level domain - Info. Info is also a truly global name which means the same thing in numerous languages. Did you know that over 23 million .com names have already been registered worldwide? A great alternative is now available for registering short domain names. According to recent IT polls over 1 million new info. domains will be rolled out over the next month. Can you think up a million words? Literacy research has shown that the average American has an active vocabulary of roughly 10,000 words. The point is that you may soon face the unenviable task of setting up your website within the available range of info. domains. Thousands of search attempts may not turn up the desired result. It will also be an extremely time-consuming process. Maybe it's high time you signed up with the "grandfather" of .com registers. Vista can pinpoint just the right name for you in the shortest possible time frame using a variety of powerful search tools such as Domain Questor, Domain Questor Pro, On-Hold Domain .

    There are lots of pros and cons to be weighed in this process. Since the new domains are just starting to be registered, perspective site owners are well positioned to find the right name. You also stand a good chance of winning the race now if you opt for our search robot that is always on the ball, ready to perform routine tasks for you, rewarding you by saving precious time and giving you the edge over your competitors in the race to find, process and deliver information. As one of our users has aptly put it: " While our competitors slug away clicking the mouse in their browsers, our great new helper has scanned hundreds of domain names simultaneously in the twinkling of an eye... "

    We'd like to let you in on this secret: we're talking about a new and unique program which has no rivals or competitors and is currently one of a kind on the software market: Info Domain Questor.

    Let's take a look at the system's core features:

    1. Info Domain Questor can scan up to 100 domains simultaneously;
    2. The program is designed to generate domain names using your list of key words;
    3. A list of most frequently used key words in built in;
    4. he system not only checks which domains on the list are free or taken, but also retrieves additional information on registration dates, site owners and other valuable data.

    Act now! This is your big chance.

    The registration fee is USD 59.95 .

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