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How can you download a whole website or any part of it onto a disk?

As most people, you have probably experienced this problem at one time or another. The Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator were conceived for this purpose, to help you copy one page at a time. But if the site consists of 1000 pages, you'd have to click your mouse 1000 times and choose a directory 1000 times when you save the file. Now another option is available: using the new version of the Website Extractor program. All you have to do is enter the address of the website without having to worry about downloading it. Then you just wait for a short time until the program copies all or part of the website you have requested.

The Website Extractor program is conveniently designed to download Internet websites exactly the way you want them, including or excluding any parts you need or don't need (such as directory, domain and file names, types of files, their size or any other properties).

The Extractor can download up to 100 files at a time, which saves you a huge amount of time compared to ordinary browsers. All data retrieved are stored in the directory you select and contain only the files and directories matching your filter instructions.

A broad range of customized settings for downloading web pages will enable you to limit the scope of files retrieved to such types as jpg or html files.

Website Extractor automatically allows you to download any files that were not copied due to transfer errors or bad connections. The program is equipped to run through a proxy server and download only revised or new files, bypassing documents that have already been copied.

The Extractor is essentially a search robot and is designed for fast-track navigation through the hyperlinks of cyber space, downloading web pages at the user's request. It offers numerous settings and options to facilitate this task. You can also limit your search by domain types (such as com, net, uk, etc.) by using sophisticated filtering options based on a list of key words and other auxiliary options.


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