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    All the good domains are taken ! ?

    Most companies start doing business on the Net by creating their own websites and then trying to find the right domain name. Rapid Internet growth has considerably complicated the issue of seeking out and finding the right domain name.At the present point in time nearly every available registration name has already been taken.How can a company find the right name; one which is short and sweet and just right for the Net? Sometimes the company may be required to browse manually through the registration status of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of possible domain names when attempting to launch its own website.

    Now there is Domain Quester Pro, a program designed to search for available domain names, generate the greatest possible word combinations and then select the best possible combination for naming a business on the Net.After entering the list of key words you would like to include in the website name, Quester will generate a comprehensive list of domain names and report on whether or not they are currently free for use.

    It is truly a great time saver! You can include/exclude .com, .net,.org , it, de, ru, be, ch, net.uk, co.uk and other as needed.The program contains a list of words best suited for naming your business domain on the Internet.You can have the program eliminate unavailable names and save the results to disk in registered version. The Domain Quester Pro incorporates a state-of-the-art algorithm designed to search and verify available domain names. Now is the time to search and find the right domain name on the Internet.Tomorrow could be too late.

    Domain Quester Pro can be downloaded from:http://www.internet-soft.com/DEMO/questerprosetup.exe

    The registration fee is USD 149.95

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