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Event Tracker provides a marketing tool to track important business contacts and to send notifications. For example, send special offer or sales letter x-days after a person completes the contact form.  An event may be an email, subscribe request or completed software download from your website.  All contact events can be associated with date field in addressbook. 

Full Feature List

Powerful bulk e-mail program that does it all - from the everyday sending and receiving of e-mails to managing reminders, notifications and mailing lists.

Mail commander is a super-fast e-mail software with user-friendly interface and extended distribution list capabilities - notifications, reminders, auto-reply, manage returned mail, send mail in batches, etc..  It lets you fire out personalized e-mail shots to existing and prospective customers and is ideal for sending out bulk newsletters and ezines. Powerful CRM and public relations tool in any marketing and communications arsenal  -  distribution lists and press releases can be whizzed off to the media in minutes.

We offer 4 program options:

Mail client is sophisticated, but it's also very simple to use and you can easily customize the interface and layout to fit your messaging needs. Our email program is a portable e-mail client with user-friendly interface. You can set relative custom folders for attachments, email databases and run program from removable storage device such as a USB flash drive.

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